Cite Us: Wei Y, Zhang S, Shang S, Zhang B, Li S, Wang X, et al. SEA: a super-enhancer archive [J]. Nucleic acids research. 2016, 44(D1):D172-9.
We are sorry for the inconvenience introduced by the SEA server blocked out by the safety system in our university. Now, SEA can be accessed through this indirect way, but all the functions and data access still need to wait for the recovery of the MySQL backend.
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Super-Enhancer Archive is a web based comprehensive resource focuses on the collection, storage and online analysis of super-enhancers. Our mission is to provide a curated set of information datasets for super-enhancers and tools in mutiple genomes, to support and promote research in this area. Especially, we provide a genome-scale landscape to show super-enhancer information in a scalable and flexible manner.

   Currently, Super-Enhancer Archive consists of super-enhancers in Human, Mouse and two key model organisms,including 75, 439 human super-enhancers, 5, 879 mouse super-enhancers, 1, 774 D. melanogaster super-enhancers and 904 C. elegans super-enhancers respectively. Super-Enhancer Archive supports analysis and chart view of these datasets, download for further analysis and can be even easily visualized in the genome browser (SEA-Browser).

   Further information of citation, updates and statistics are available in this page. This site is updating regularly.

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